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This section proposes some exercises. Simulations are organized in a folder, with the following subfolders : data, mac and output. Macros files are stored in mac. Gate must be run in the initial simulation folder, such as : Gate mac/main.mac (don't forget the mac/). The macros that make use of data must refer to the data/ subfolder. The general idea it to try to understand every commands in the macro files to be able to analyze the results.

Simulations macros may be found in this (zip file). Below is the list of available exercises :

Exercise 1 - Photon beam - DoseActor
Exercise 2 - Photon beam - DoseActor - TranslateTheImageAtThisIsoCenter
Exercise 3 - 100 MeV proton beam -  DoseActor
Exercise 4 - Simulation of a linac head - PhaseSpaceActor
Exercise 5 - Dose deposition of a low energy x-ray irradiation - Track Length Estimator - DoseActor
Exercise 6 - Targeted radionuclide therapy - Source of Yttrium90 - EnergySpectrumActor - PhaseSpaceActor -  Use of a voxelized source
Exercise 7 - Simulate the acquisition of a x-ray cone-beam radiography - FluenceActor (photon counting) 
Exercise 8 - Brachytherapy treatment

Examples located in the GATE examples directory

These examples are located in the folder : Gate/examples/example_Radiotherapy/.

Proton therapy

   Example 4 : Beam optics simulation in vacuum for a pencil beam + depth-dose profile in water. A root macro is provided to analysis the produced phase space files.
   Example 5 : Treatment plan simulation of proton active scanning beam delivery (TPSPencilBeam source). A root macro is provided to analysis the produced phase space files.
   Example 6 : Proton pencil beam in heterogeneous phantom (water, bones, Lung) with Pencil Beam Scanning source: comparison between dose to water and dose to dose to medium.

Carbon ion therapy

   Example 1 : Carbon beam in water tank or in patient CT image. Output is a 3D dose distribution map (with associated statistical uncertainty) and map of produced C11.

Photon/electron therapy

   Example 2 : Photon beam in patient CT image. 3D dose distribution map (with associated uncertainty). Two different navigators are tested NestedParameterized and Regionalized, with two number of materials.
   Example 3 : Photon beam in patient CT image with IMRT irradiation. 100 slices with different MLC positions.
   Example 7 : Example to use repeater/mover and both at the same time.
   Example 8 : Photon beam from a Linac into a box with water/alu/lung. See Figure4 from [Jan et al PMB 2011].
   Example 9 : Electron beam from a Linac into a box with water/alu/lung. See Figure5 from [Jan et al PMB 2011].


   Example 10 : Radiography of a thorax phantom. Outputs are 3D dose distribution maps computed with the classical method and the accelerated (TLE) method.