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Dr. Henry Chen, PhD, MBA, Sr. VP, Crystal Growth and Sensor Fab at Kromek/eV-Products, has more than 25 years of technical leadership and business management experience in the high technology/manufacturing sector, especially in the field of radiation detector technology, both scintillator and semiconductor-based. Henry has a solid track record of success in leading mission critical R&D projects from conception to commercialization, guiding companies and teams in cost reduction, superior industrial performance and major revenue growth. Prior to joining Kromek, Dr. Chen held senior management positions with Brimrose/brimRAD, Redlen Technologies and Saint Gobain Crystals/Bicron. In the mid 1990’s, he was a university research professor at the NASA/Fisk Center for Photonics Materials and Devices. With more than 90 publications in scientific journals and over 10 US patents, Henry is highly regarded internationally in the field of radiation detection. He was the honored recipient of the 2013 Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector (RTSD) Scientist of the Year Award by IEEE. As program committee member of SPIE and IEEE for 20 years, Henry is a senior reviewer for many scientific journals including Journal of Crystal Growth, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Electronic Materials, and Nuclear Instrument and Methods in Physics Research. He is also the Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions in Nuclear Science for more than 10 years. Henry is well known for his success in making CZT a widely accepted and adopted RTSD material by the radiation detection end-users, especially by multi-national OEMs, in building next generation medical imaging devices.