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'''You know GATE ?''', you can
'''You know GATE ?''', you can
* Consult or propose new [[Examples|examples]] of macros
* Consult or propose new [https://github.com/OpenGATE/GateContrib examples] of macros
'''You know C++ ?''', you can:
'''You know C++ ?''', you can:

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Be part of it !

Uncle Sam pointing finger small.jpg We-Need-You1-324x500.jpg Superdupont-we-need-you.jpg Gsam want gnu small.jpg

GATE, before being a useful software first represent a research community sharing common scientific interests. You can be part of it by contributing in different ways:

You know GATE ?, you can

  • Consult or propose new examples of macros

You know C++ ?, you can:

You do not know C++ very well ?, you can: